Falling Cherry Combo

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[Introduction of falling cherry dice]
Legend has it that when the dice falling cherry blossoms are combined, an enemy square will be marked, and the dice in the square will be reduced by 1 point every once in a while. Rakura marked the opponent's 7-point dice, and the opponent couldn't even combine it, and could only watch his dice drop to 6-point. Flying flowers gradually, falling flowers cheap. This is a thorny dice that looks romantic.
[Sports lineup]
Recommended lineup: Falling Sakura, Magic Shape, Evolution, Wild, God of War
Rakura is the auxiliary dice in this lineup. In the early stage, they used the high output of God of War to develop steadily and save as many Rakura as possible. Waiting for the first few seconds of the BOSS countdown, instant synthesis, so that the opponent has no choice when playing the BOSS random animation, and can only watch his dice points drop. Magic shape, evolution, and wild are mainly used to obtain sakura and higher points of War God, and wild are mainly used to synthesize trigger skills with sakura.
More unique gameplay and high game insights are waiting for the people to develop.
The new version will release more new versions of dice, remember to follow the fan page release.
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