Black hole Line-up

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Black hole Line-up
The black hole has been on the top of the synergy leaderboard for almost 2 weeks
There are many dice black holes that are a weakened version of Euler (after all, you have to eat a dice to be able to stack them)
However, due to the special characteristic of the black hole, the number of swallowed dice is added to increase the number of layers (the higher the number of layers, the higher the attack power)
Therefore, the actual experience is still poor. Because black holes can swallow dice, they are relatively more flexible than Euler and won’t get stuck.
�【lineup match】� (attack)
Black hole, frantic battle, magic shape, evolution, magic
�【Lineup Matching】� (Assist)
Extreme cold (or Blizzard), assassination (or cherry blossom), dominance, magic shape (or wild), magic
�【Building Ideas】�
Offensive lineup☄☄☄
The black hole is responsible for stacking layers as soon as possible to increase attack power, and collaborating with frenzy to increase the upper limit of coordination.
The offensive auxiliary dice is responsible for focusing on increasing the number of points and making changes to pave the ground for the black hole
Support lineup���
Due to the characteristics of the black hole dice that need to swallow their own dice, it is difficult to increase the points if the sp is not enough. The auxiliary lineup needs to be matched with the assassination, dominance, and extreme cold 3 dice to increase the points, supplement the sp and slow down the monster rhythm. The other two dice are used to facilitate the synthesis.
【in conclusion】
Fun and strong enough���
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