Moon Combo

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Moon Combo
Today, I used my courage to bless the combo to successfully win the netizens. I feel very good.
(I fight every day, but I can’t fight every day, I really don’t go well)
Dice people who are tired of playing with sword fairy, come join the sun and moon combination~
�【lineup match】�
Holy Light, Lunar, Demon Form, Sacrifice, Evolution
�【Building Ideas】�
As a veteran combination of Holy Light and Taiyin, everyone may not be familiar with it.
The Holy Light can trigger the AOE damage effect only if the number of triggers is required or the adjacent dice have too Yin.
In the same way, as long as the lunar yin meets the conditions or beside the holy light, it can also trigger the extra bonus buff
The lineup is easy to spread, and the intensity is not low.
The auxiliary dice are responsible for restoring sp, upgrading points, paying more attention to the placement of the lunar yin, or flexibly using magic copy.
The points have come up, and I am not afraid of Fighting Sword Fairy.
�【Pros and cons of lineup】�
Advantages: Fast spreading, high playability, two levels of Holy Light's attack power after spreading, can be directly transitioned to the appearance of blue mobs.
      You can accumulate advantages in the early stage, and you can synthesize first-level dice as soon as possible to quickly produce sacrifices or evolve dice, and use magical copy to increase your advantage.
Disadvantages: The stamina is slightly insufficient. It is necessary to synthesize the high points of the Holy Light as soon as possible in the early stage to resist the red mobs. Due to the need for dice or lunar position to ensure high conversion damage, it is not flexible
【in conclusion】
It’s fun, few people play, high playability, flexible changes, and the intensity is actually pretty good. It’s great to let your brain work on Monday. ��
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