Twin Line-up

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Twin Line-up
In addition to Twin and Moon blocks, what kind of simple and violent lineup do you know?
[Lineup recommendation]
Twin: odd number, even number switch attack mode, AOE clear monster fast
WarGod: Boss's strongest output Block
Shape: replication and evolution, magic fast yard
Evolution: the most cost-effective auxiliary die
Offering: Provide stable SP, with a certain chance to upgrade points
The experience of Block Block for many seasons summarizes the key to winning the ranked competition is :
Who can knock down the boss in the first time and prevent the boss from sending skills can lead the opponent to a certain advantage�
Then there is no one who has multiple damages to attack BOSS than WarGod Block
With the attack characteristics of the even-numbered point AOE of the double Block, it can quickly clear the field and build an advantage in the early stage.
The shape, evolution and Offering are the auxiliary collocations of T0 level, which mainly help the god of war and the twins to increase their points
Let's experience the joy of hitting the ground by pressing the BOSS~
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